Reservation calendars

Here you can plan your holiday and check whether the cabin you would like to rent is free at the time. We aim to keep the calendars as up to date as possible. However they can never be updated in real time, so please check with us by phone / e-mail before making any plans.

The calendars are partly in Finnish, so here's some help:

The months in Finnish are:
"toukokuu" = May, "kesäkuu" = June, "heinäkuu" = July, "elokuu" = August, "syyskuu" = September

"Punainen mökki" is the red cabin, "Vihreä mökki" is the green cabin and "Ruskea mökki" is the brown cabin.

When it says "VARATTU" in the calendar, it means that the cabin is reserved. "VAIHTOPÄIVÄ" means that the old guests leave on this day, and new guests can arrive at 2 pm.